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A mind blowing Cyberpunk experience

During times of uncertainty and desolation, the creative’s minds try to ease themselves daydreaming on many different ideas. The possibility of creating an entire universe based on the repercussions that our current situation might initiate gets more and more attainable.


DUSK CRISIS a futuristic novel with 80's resemblance that will be initially published as a graphic novel with several volumes.



Who is "Mv"?

About "Mv"

A Remarkable music producer and Songwriter.

Manuel David Vasquez, also dubbed as Mv among his friends and followers, is a fantastic musician, songwriter, and artist. While he lives in Melbourne, Australia, he was born and lived a significant part of his life in Colombia.

Earlier as a child, he learned to play the violin when he was hardly five years old. Later as he grew older, he learned to play guitar and piano as well. Ideally, he mastered these instruments during his teenage years.

Moreover, he was working as a worship leader and music director at Unicentro Fellowship Christian Church. Indeed, it helped him create music, understand the process, and gain the confidence to sing and coordinate in front of large crowds.

He pursued his degree in music studies and finished his Bachelor's degree with Majors in Sound Engineering from the University of Pontifical Javeriana, graduating in 2011. In the meantime, He collaborated with one of the most renowned mariachi bands in Colombia “Mariachi Contemporaneo de William Guevara” and make part of the team of producers of the album “Fiesta Buena” by Ali Carmona.   

During his life in Colombia, he learned and played music a lot; meanwhile, he initiated Deleita Cultural Foundation in 2013. He worked on his craft and keeps learning and progressing, which was evident by his growing number of followers on social media platforms.   

But he understood the need to transition and that it was a crucial time to bring some significant change in life to make his work known. He decided to pack up and leave Colombia and migrated to Australia to work with some famous music producers and avenues.

He believed that once he moved to Australia, he would collaborate with great musicians and singers and grow as a singer. In 2015, he left Colombia with a heavy heart, but with all the Salsa and Cumbia he learned, it can still be seen in his music. Once he had settled in, He collaborated with some famous artists like Hillsong, Star Music Group, and Mariachi Los Romanticos.  

His life in Melbourne is like a dream; he had previously worked as a music teacher in many music studios. In this experience, teaching the art of music gave him the perspective to understand the basics and help carve his craft even further.


He also gives private lessons to individuals who aspire to become musicians or singers. Uniquely, he is also a Forex Trader by profession and is developing his career in this trade. Music is his hobby, and he wants to focus on enjoying music as a hobby and enjoy the process of creation. 

Manuel David Vasquez is in love with Melbourne city and its dynamics. He loves to stroll aimlessly in the city and end up in a café. He enjoys discovering new cafes in this cozy town while listening to music.

He is also an avid reader of Sci-Fi and CyberPunk and on a lazy day. Hence, he has recently started working on a Graphic Novel, Dusk Crisis. He has also combined Synthwave music that complements the genre of the novel.

The novel portrays his love for Sci-fi and CyberPunk, and his creativity is oozing in this combination.

Moreover, he has released over the years several original projects such as Holy Beat (funk-Disco) and Valtis Solum, in which he is seen sensing some amazing tracks.   

In addition to these hobbies he pursues, Mv likes to travel and visits the historic and landmarks of each country. While touring new countries, he also explores history and culture of the music and observes the contemporary shift in music trends.   

Recently amid COVID's quarantine, he found himself utilizing his time in productive work, for instance, a fourteen-day and thirty-day challenge for Cover singing. The way he sings Stevie Wonder's "isn't she Lovely" in most melodious shows the impeccable talents he has.    

Moreover, every day he sings a cover song, and songs like "Black Bird by Beatles," "Heal the World by Michael Jackson," and "What you will not do for Love" by Bobby Caldwell are some complicated tunes he loves to perform on a regular day.

Since he loves to play the music and enjoy the process, he can be seen enjoying the singing and playing besides focusing on being the best. Probably this is why his music is beautiful because he is thoroughly enjoying playing without any worries. 

His social media accounts are swarmed with all the music he has created, and he shared it with the world to spread the joy. Similarly, his tracks are also full of comments and applause from people who enjoy listening to him from different parts of the world.  

Many of his projects are on his YouTube channel, and his fourteen and thirty-day challenges amid quarantine are on his Facebook page. The way his face lit up while singing and the aura he emits grasp his listeners to the tunes he is playing.

Indeed, this is the reason people all over the world connect with him on the same wavelength, for the love of music and the way he plays.

He actively enjoys contemporary music; moreover, he listens to Old classical and Techno and enjoys listening to sounds from the eighties and nineties. Probably this is why you often hear him playing eighties Synthwave music.  

He finds inspiration in 80's Pop Synthwave, Salsa, Cumbia, Miami 80's Vaporwave, and Electro-funk. Evidently, he is an artist for Generation Z with a touch of Colombia. His music is very preppy, lively, and foot-tapping; he definitely holds you captive with his music.    

Amongst his all-time favorite artists are Gloria Estefan & Miami sound machine, Al Jarreau, Giorgio Moroder, Luis Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra & 440, Vangelis, and Eros Ramazzotti.

He aims to learn more about music production and songwriting. Hence, he keeps learning the new trends in collaboration of technology in the process of music creation.

His modest personality, cheerful demeanor, soul-stirring voice, and creative music assures he has a long way to go, and he will captivate his audiences with his work.